Voluntary Assisted Dying is now available in NSW


New laws come into effect today (28 November 2023) that will allow eligible people and patients in NSW a choice to access voluntary assisted dying.  NSW is the last state to allow access to Voluntary Assisted Dying and from this morning, practitioners and patients can start the process of applying for access.

Authorised practitioners have undergone training to provide the service and patients must be eligible to receive it. As part of the eligibility, a person must have an advanced and progressive disease, illness or medical condition that is expected to cause death within 6 months or 12 months for certain neurodegenerative diseases. People must meet the specific criteria and follow the legal requirements for Voluntary Assisted Dying.


People with a life-threatening illness who may be considering Voluntary Assisted Dying must follow the application process in conjunction with their GP or medical professional. NSW Health has a number of resources for practitioners, patients, their families or carers, or for those considering the process, on the NSW Health website.