WNSW PHN's Vision for Reconciliation

“By acknowledging, listening, accepting and learning to support one another; together we will improve Aboriginal health outcomes in the Western NSW Primary Health Network region.”

Western NSW Primary Health Network is developing a plan for reconciliation with the support of Reconciliation Australia and is inviting feedback from the public.  

Embedding Aboriginal health is a guiding principle for the work we do at the WNSW PHN, and so reconciliation is so very important to help us to make meaningful gains in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people across our region. We look forward to sharing more information with you as we continue on our journey of reconciliation together. 

Our Reconciliation Working Group includes 15 committed members who come from within our ranks at WNSW PHN, from external organisations and from the Aboriginal community across the PHN region. 

We invite all of our stakeholders and communities to have a look at the work our Reconciliation Working Group, 15 committed staff,  has been doing on the development of our first plan for reconciliation.  

Your feedback is important to us and so you can send this via email to rebekah.bullock@wnswphn.org.au or feel free to call on 1300 699 168 to yarn with one of the Reconciliation Working Group members whose names are listed below.


Reconciliation Working Group Members

Andrew Harvey, WNSW PHN

Alan Bennett, Orana Haven and community representative

Nik Todorovski, WNSW PHN

Nathan Frank, Bila Muuji Health Services and community representative

Kathryn Naden, Sydney University and community representative

Kerrieanne Howarth, WNSW PHN

Darren Copeland, WNSW PHN

Beau Williams, WNSW PHN

Elle Daly, NSW Rural Fire Service and community representative

Beth Mills, WNSW

Claire Trott, WNSW PHN

Vicky Smyth, WNSW PHN

Sonya Berryman, WNSW PHN

Allinta Riley, WNSW PHN

Casey Macpherson, WNSW PHN


NAIDOC Week: 8-15 November 2020

"Always Was, Always Will Be"

NAIDOC Week 2020

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*"Always Was, Always Will Be" recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.