Western Health Alliance Limited, trading as the Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN), is one of 31 Primary Health Networks across Australia, established to support frontline health services and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of primary health care.

Our focus is patients who are at risk of poor health outcomes and working to improve the coordination of their care, so they receive the right care in the right place at the right time. We work closely with key stakeholders including general practice, other health care providers, Local Health Districts, hospitals and the broader community to align services with the health needs of the region.

WNSW PHN is a not-for-profit organisation primarily funded by the Australian Government.

Our region covers both Far West and Western NSW Local Health Districts. A detailed profile of our region is available on our Region Page.

Our Vision

Lead, support and strengthen person-centred primary health care for our region.

Priority Areas

Commonwealth priorities

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait
  • Islander Health
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and other Drugs
  • Older People
  • Population Health
  • Health Workforce
  • Digital Health

Key policy documents

  • 10 Year Primary Care Plan
  • Regional Health and Medicare Task force
  • Aged Care Review

Local priorities

  • Sustainable Primary Care
  • Collaborative commissioningDiabetes
  • First 2000 Days
  • Chronic Disease

The WNSW PHN's Strategic Plan is the foundation for our vision, purpose, values and goals.

WNSW PHN's Strategic Plan Overview

What is a Primary Health Network?

Primary Health Networks were established by the Australian Government on 1 July 2015 as outcome focused organisations working to improve frontline services whilst ensuring better integration of care between primary and acute care services.

The key objectives of Primary Health Networks are:

  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes; and
  • Improving coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Further information on Primary Health Networks is available on the Department of Health PHN Website.

Western Health Alliance Limited Members

WNSW PHN’s Strategic Plan outlines “collaboration” as a key value in achieving our goals. Forming strong partnerships allows us to better focus on our role in driving, supporting and strengthening primary healthcare in our region.

Membership is one mechanism through which WNSW PHN seeks to increase, strengthen and diversify our partnerships. The following organisations are members of Western Health Alliance Limited (WHAL), the company operating WNSW PHN:

Western Health Alliance Limited Constitution 

Aboriginal Motif

The WNSW PHN’s Aboriginal motif, used at the top of each page on this website, was created by Wiradjuri artist Lewis Burns.
It’s a story of living off the land. A strong flowing river provides fresh, clean water for those living beside it in camps. At campfires, people cook from the earth, with abundant natural foods they’ve hunted and gathered. As a community, people respect the earth and their country, united in a healthy lifestyle.