Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) has established five Advisory Councils which each report through to the Board. The Councils assist the organisation set strategic direction, evaluate outcomes of services and support the design of new services to meet the needs of local communities.

Applications for WNSW PHN Advisory Councils Are Open

Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) is currently recruiting Consumers and Community members for the Western and Far West Community Advisory Councils for the period 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2023.

Membership will be skills based and representative of individuals with either individual or organisational experience. Membership will be drawn from the five WNSW PHN planning regions with a particular focus on increasing membership in smaller rural and remote communities.

Do you have skills or experience;

  • as a consumer or carer or as a representative of a consumer/carer body.
  • in community services.
  • in population health and inequity.
  • in health systems and service development with a focus on prevention, primary and integrated care.
  • in clinical governance and organisational development.

Your involvement in the Community Advisory Councils will assist in developing local strategies to improve the operation of the health care system for health consumers across the whole of WNSW PHN region.

Download the WNSW PHN Community Advisory Council Terms of Reference here

Download the Expression of Interest Form here

View the WNSW PHN Region Map here


Clinical Councils provide support and advice to the Board on opportunities to further develop clinical services to meet community needs.

Community Councils support WNSW PHN to understand and address health needs within local communities, including access to services and service gaps. 

The Aboriginal Health Council supports WNSW PHN to understand locally relevant Aboriginal Community perspectives in relation to their unique health needs, access to services and service gaps.  

Far West Community Advisory Council Membership

  1. Lynette Flanagan - Chair
  2. Rynette Gentle
  3. Sorna Nachiappan
  4. Fiona Markwick
  5. Jane MacAllister
  6. Marie Kelly
  7. Joanie Sanderson
  8. Kerry Wall
  9. Karen Behsmann
  10. Wendy Chynoweth

Board Liaison Director: Greg Sam

Far West Clinical Advisory Council Membership

  1. Dr Melanie Mateo - Chair
  2. Dr Ramu Nachiappan
  3. Dr Andrew Olesnicky
  4. Georgina Drewery
  5. Kathryn Mitchell
  6. Katherine Bissett
  7. David Lee Doyle
  8. Alesha Rowe
  9. Barbara Turner
  10. Chelsea Anderson

Board Liaison Director: Yvonne Rowling

Western Community Advisory Council Membership

  1. Louise Johnson - Chair
  2. Vivien Slacksmith
  3. Sally Torr
  4. Gordon Hill
  5. Janine Lea-Barratt
  6. Ricky Puata
  7. Rhonda Gleeson
  8. Georgina Luscombe
  9. Cindy Wilson
  10. Courtney Hodges

Board Liaison Director: Cathy Baynie

Western Clinical Advisory Council Membership

  1. Dr Ai-Vee Chua - Chair
  2. Dr Neil McCarthy
  3. Dr Anna Windsor
  4. Dr Nylie-Le Martin
  5. Lisa Gibson
  6. Peter Crothers
  7. Lynne Lambell
  8. Cheryl YS Goh
  9. Laurinne (Reenie) Montgomery
  10. Alison Amor

Board Liaison Director: Dr Robin Williams

Aboriginal Health Advisory Council Membership

  1. Des Jones - Chair
  2. Patricia Bates-Canty
  3. Christine Corby
  4. Brendon Cutmore
  5. Donna Cruickshank
  6. Katrina Ward
  7. Julie Blackhall
  8. Alan Bennett
  9. Christine Peckham
  10. Rebecca Lannen
  11. Robert Salt
  12. Paul Carr
  13. Peter Frendin (Ex-Officio)

   Board Liaison Directors: Jamie Newman and Melina Saunders

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