WNSW PHN Appoints New General Manager, Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing


Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) is excited to announce that it has appointed Nikki Trudgett to its newly created position of General Manager, Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing.

Having worked with the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) to recruit for this Aboriginal-identified Executive-level position reporting to WNSW PHN CEO, Andrew Harvey, Mr Harvey says he thrilled with the number of quality of candidates that applied for the role.

“The standard of applicants was extremely high, and I am delighted that Nikki will be bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the PHN to help our organisation connect in even greater ways with local health services to meet local Aboriginal health needs,” Mr Harvey said.

Mr Harvey added, “Nikki’s role will be absolutely vital in assisting the primary health care system in the development of culturally safe models of care and ensuring access to quality health care and commissioned services, while also being an integral part of the PHN’s Aboriginal Health Council work.”

“This is such an exciting time, as Nikki’s work in this newly created position will also perfectly complement the work our organisation is undertaking in the development of its Vision for Reconciliation, cultural safety training specifically for the PHN and its commissioned services, as well as other Indigenous health initiatives,” he added.

Ms Trudgett says she is extremely excited by the creation of the position and her opportunity to play an important role in improving health for First Nations people in our region.

“This really demonstrates commitment of WNSW PHN to this priority and I look forward to bringing my knowledge, passion and connections to guide and support the work the PHN does,” said Ms Trudgett.

Currently the Acting Indigenous Health Success Lead with Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health, Nikki will commence her new role with WNSW PHN on Tuesday, October 6.