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Navigating the Medical Applications of Cannabis: What GPs Need to Know

Date: 21-07-2020 20:00:00

When  21 July 2020 8:00pm AEST

The stigmatization of cannabis still exists even though there is evidence to support the use of cannabis for many indications.

General Practitioners are invited to join the conversation as we discuss the potential role of cannabis in patients with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and other chronic conditions.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understand cannabis pharmacology and its physiological effects
  • Review current research that is relevant to clinical practice
  • Debunk misconceptions about efficacy and safety concerns
  • Explore clinical scenarios where cannabis may be a suitable option

Attendees will gain an international perspective on current best practice and gain a clearer, evidence based understanding of the role that medical cannabis can play in improving outcomes for patients with chronic conditions who have exhausted conventional therapies.

Guest Speaker: Dr Jonas Vanderzwan

Dr. Jonas Vanderzwan, MD, CFPC (Canada) has over 15 years of primary care experience, and recently served as lead physician of the largest medical cannabis patient assessment clinic network in Canada. Dr. Vanderzwan has treated well over 1,500 patients with medical cannabis and is an enthusiastic proponent of medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option for patients, having witnessed its efficacy across a wide spectrum of clinical conditions, as well as its overall safety profile. Recognized in Canada as a medical cannabis educator and specialist, he has been actively providing medical staff with guidance on cannabis prescribing protocols, cannabis pharmacology, physiological effects and assessment tools. Dr. Vanderzwan is the Vice-Chair of the Medical Cannabis Medical Interest Group at the Ontario Medical Association, a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC), and International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM).

Australian Cannabis Clinics

Australian Cannabis Clinics provide patients with an improved quality of life through the use of cannabis as medicine. Our flagship clinic is located in Sydney, NSW and we provide Telehealth consultations nationwide. We collaborate with treating physicians to help patients that have exhausted conventional therapies manage their symptoms through medical cannabis. This is a new discipline and our team of doctors and staff work to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care in this field. To refer patients or to find out more visit our website.

Please note this webinar is for Australian registered healthcare professionals only.