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WNSW PHN: Aged Care: Managing Behaviours and Symptoms of Dementia and Teamwork Challenges and Solutions (Forbes)

Date: 10-04-2024 18:30:00

When 10 April 2024 6.30pm to 9pm
Where Forbes RSL, 41 Templar Street

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Presented by
Dr Jesse Zanker – Geriatrician (via Teams)
Kim Poyner – Executive Health Coach

This program will equip GPs and nurses working in residential Aged Care with:

  • The key pearls of the updated Aged Care Act that impact clinical care
  • Critical approaches to non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches to behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD)
  • Integral knowledge of support services for people with dementia and BPSD
  • Solutions to challenges in teamwork and communication in residential aged care

Learning outcomes

  • Classify severity behaviours and symptoms of dementia in residents of aged care homes to guide management decisions
  • Outline the key changes to the Aged Care Act that influence anti-psychotic prescribing practices in people with dementia living in residential aged care
  • Recall a systematic approach to pharmacological therapy in people with dementia and behaviours, and identify referral pathways for those with severe behaviours
  • Develop strategies to improve systems and communication with residential aged care staff