Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) undertakes Procurement in a range of different ways, from the simple procurement of goods and services that meets WNSW PHN essential business requirements through to the complex procurement of goods, services and supplies, particularly in relation to the commissioning of services.

WNSW PHN aims to ensure procurement is undertaken in accordance with best practice, quality principles, complying with financial delegations, all contractual, legislative and regulatory requirements and maximising value for money.

WNSW PHN Procurement abides by the following principles:

  • Open and Effective Competition, actively encouraging competition in an endeavour to achieve the best outcome/value per dollar spent, giving fair and reasonable opportunity and consideration to all prospective suppliers, including those operating in the WNSW PHN region, wishing to engage in business with WNSW PHN.
  • Value for Money, using public funds to ensure the best performance and return is achieved by using prudent evaluation methods, due consideration to the ‘whole of life costings’ and selection criteria.
  • Ethical Behaviour and Fair Dealings through impartiality, advancing the interests of WNSW PHN, ensuring all potential Suppliers are treated fairly and consistently and maintain a high level of professionalism, confidentiality and objectivity ensuring there is no conflict of interest.
  • Accountability and Transparency, with careful record-keeping, maintained at all stages of projects, particularly when important decisions are made.
  • Sustainable Services, resourced with appropriately qualified clinicians, provided to the target communities regularly, effectively, at a cost that is affordable and funded and provides maximum value for money.
  • Evidence-Based Decisions, to procure goods and services based on validated and reliable population health data and in accordance with identified needs.



All WNSW PHN tenders are managed on our e-Procurement Portal, Tenderlink. To use this system and access tender documents you must first be a registered supplier. There is no charge to register and download documents. To register visit our e-procurement portal on Tenderlink and click the registration button.  During the registration process, you will be requested to provide contact details, including an email address, that will be used to notify your organisation of available tenders.

If you have any technical problems using the portal, contact Tenderlink support on:

T: 1800 233 533 (business hours)

E: support@tenderlink.com (24 hours a day 7 days a week)


Current Tenders

Request for Proposal Residential Aged Care Virtual Mental Health Service

WNSW PHN is seeking Proposals to provide online mental health services to all RACFs across the WNSWPHN region ensuring a highly accessible, convenient, and cost-effective solution to service provision. Services to be provided to the RACFs by the commissioned provider will include:

  • Provide an easy to use platform for booking and delivering psychology sessions.
  • Enable RACF residents to gain access to up to 10 psychology sessions per episode.
  • Mental health professionals will be available for telehealth appointments with residents both inside and outside of regular working hours.
  • The telehealth provider will ensure that there is seamless correspondence between the resident’s GP and the mental health professional, removing some of the administrative burdens to RACF staff.
  • Residents will be able to choose a mental health clinician of their choice or be matched with a suitable clinician.
  • Appointments with a mental health clinician will be flexible to suit the routine, lifestyle and needs of the resident.
  • Session summaries will be provided to residents to be utilised by the resident and/or RACF staff to apply the mental health clinician’s advice between sessions.

The service provider will work with WNSW PHN to:

  • Develop and implement a place-based approach to support the long-term health and wellbeing needs of RACF residents.
  • Work with WNSWPHN to co-design appropriate services.
  • Engage with RACFs and GPs across the region.
  • Provide quarterly reporting on the progress of service delivery.
  • Provide an annual report that includes the culmination of data collected over the course of the program to provide valuable insights to WNSWPHN.
  • Gather data that supports research initiatives, public health campaigns and service delivery modelling for telehealth services for RACF.
Download the Request for Proposal Information here

Upcoming Tenders

No Tenders are currently planned for the immediate future.

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