Strong clinical and community engagement is integral for achieving improved health outcomes and effective use of resources across the region. WNSW PHN has established five Councils including two Clinical Councils, two Community Councils and one Aboriginal Health Council. These Councils are advisory in nature and report through to the Board. Each Council has a dedicated Board Liaison Director to support the flow of information and decisions between the WNSW PHN Board and the Councils. This role includes maintaining regular contact with the council chairs and attending council meetings.

Clinical Councils provide support and advice to the Board on strategic direction and opportunities to further develop clinical services to meet community needs.

Community Councils support the WNSW PHN in understanding local Community issues and address unique health needs including access to services and service gaps. These councils help to develop and promote care pathways, design services and evaluate outcomes.

The Aboriginal Health Council supports WNSW PHN to understand locally relevant Aboriginal Community perspectives in relation to their unique health needs, access to services and service gaps. This Council helps to develop and promote care pathways, evaluate outcomes of services and design new services to meet the needs of Western NSW Aboriginal Communities. 

Far West Community Council Membership

  1. Lynette Flanagan - Chair
  2. Elaine Campbell
  3. Rynette Gentle
  4. Scott Hammond
  5. Stephen Hegedus
  6. Andrew Kelly
  7. Sorna Nachiappan
  8. Linda Lynott
  9. Fiona Markwick

Board Liaison Director: David Simmons

Far West Clinical Council Membership

  1. Dr. Funmilola Komolafe - Chair
  2. Dr. Ramu Nachiappan
  3. Dr. Peter Vaux
  4. Andrew Johnson
  5. Kath Mitchell
  6. Georgina Drewery
  7. Elizabeth Martin
  8. Jade Griffiths

Board Liaison Director: Yvonne Rowling

Western Community Council Membership

  1. Louise Johnson - Chair
  2. Vivien Slacksmith
  3. Trevor Hazel
  4. Sally Torr
  5. Gordon Hill
  6. Matilda Low
  7. Margaret Weale
  8. Amanda O'Brien
  9. Angela Parker

Board Liaison Director: Ms Saranne Cooke

Western Clinical Council Membership

  1. Dr Ai-Vee Chua - Chair
  2. Dr Sandra Mendel
  3. Dr Rob Zielinski
  4. Peter Crothers
  5. Jane Connolly
  6. Julie Cooper
  7. Dr Katie Williamson
  8. Dr Neil McCarthy
  9. Dr Richard Draper
  10. Dr Tove Riphagen

Board Liaison Director: Dr. Robin Williams

Aboriginal Health Council Membership

  1. William (Smiley) Johnstone - Chair  
  2. Robyn Martin
  3. Christine Corby
  4. Ian Long
  5. Patricia Canty
  6. Dr. Hugh Burke
  7. Peter Frendin
  8. Danny Jeffries

   Board Liaison Director Dr. Tim Smyth

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