Regional After-Hours Advisory Group

The Regional After-Hours Advisory Group has been established for 18 months to provide support and advice to the Western NSW Primary Health Network on:

  • a regional response to after-hours services in the Western NSW and Far West NSW regions;
  • a consultation process involving both consumers and health professionals;
  • differing needs for after-hours services in Western NSW and Far West NSW communities;
  • the health workforce to support after-hours services; and
  • potential after-hours models that provide access to after-hours services for all Western NSW and Far West NSW communities.


Committee Membership

  • Dr Paul Collett – Chair
  • Mr Robert Salt – Aboriginal Health Advisory Council
  • Ms Ai-Vee Chua – Western NSW Clinical Advisory Council
  • Ms Louise Johnson – Western NSW Community Advisory Council
  • Ms Kathy Mitchell – Far West Clinical Advisory Council
  • Ms Karen Behsmann – Far West Community Advisory Council
  • Dr Freddy Chafota – General Practitioner
  • Dr Nicholas O’Ryan – General Practitioner