Project iRAD now in Western NSW

South Western Sydney Primary Health Network’s (SWSPHN) innovative iRAD (Integrated Real-time Active Data) interoperability project, which enables healthcare organisations to share patient consented health records across the continuum of care, is rolling out to a select number of practices in the Western NSW region.

iRAD — stands for ‘integrated real-time active data’ — is an innovative new software for clinicians to share critical patient data between hospitals, general practice and other connected healthcare professionals. Western New South Wales PHN is proud to be partnering with South West Sydney PHN to bring this technology to our region.

The initiative, driven by Allscripts’ dbMotion™ Solution, demonstrated its practicality during the COVID-19 pandemic by activating COVID-19 Risk Notifications and Dashboards to enhance patient and staff safety. It is the first implementation of dbMotion™ in the Asia-Pacific region and also the first implementation globally on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Western NSW PHN purchased ten iRAD licences to support practices in the Dubbo and Broken Hill areas. iRAD gives these clinics a simple, intuitive tool enhancing access to patient health information for better informed clinical decision making when and where you need it. Patient consent is easy to record and there is no ongoing effort to trigger the sharing of clinical information. For administration team members, the burden of providing information to other healthcare organisations and providers is reduced significantly. iRAD clinicians who have been using the solution for more than a year report time savings of up to an hour a day due to ease of accessing information.

iRAD delivers an interoperability system that enables informed decision making using secure, timely and accurate sharing of patient information between health providers. Clinicians receive a single, clear view of a patient’s key clinical information – real-time, from trusted health providers, enabling better patient care.

Patients accessing General Practices in Dubbo and Broken Hill should ask their local clinician about iRAD. A participating practice with an iRAD licence will display the iRAD logo and provide access to printed information. Further details about patient consent will be made available the next time you visit for an appointment, alternatively, you can call to give verbal consent via telephone.

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