My Health Notebook

My Health Notebook is a free, personal health journal for residents of the WNSW PHN region.

It helps you keep track of the people, information and activities that help to manage your health.

You can share your notebook with healthcare providers or keep it as a personal record. It’s your health notebook and how you use it is completely up to you.

My Health Notebook does not replace My Health Record or health records made by your doctor or healthcare provider. Rather, it provides a way for you to record things that matter to you about your health in a way that will make them easy to find when you need them.


What’s in My Health Notebook?

The notebook has three parts:

  1. General healthcare information including healthcare rights; top tips for safe health care; who’s who in health care; visiting a healthcare provider; going to hospital; and travelling for treatment and care.
  2. Space to keep useful health details including healthcare providers; support services; medications; dental health; screening tests and checks; vaccinations; and appointments.
  3. Space to make personal notes.


Where can I get My Health Notebook?

My Health Notebook will be available across the Western NSW PHN region from late October 2021.

If you’re a community group or organisation or a healthcare provider and would like copies to distribute to your members, clients or patients, please let us know – email or telephone 1300 699 167 and we’ll get them out to you.

We’ll list pick-up points on this page as they become available. If there’s nowhere to pick up a notebook in your town, please contact us and we’ll send a copy out to you.


Tell us what you think about My Health Notebook

We want to ensure that My Health Notebook is as useful as possible, so we would love to hear from you what works in it and what can be improved.

Please tell us what you think about My Health Notebook by completing our online survey.

If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey and post it back to us, or to provide other comments or ideas, please call us on 1300 699 167 or email


Contact us

Karen Pearce

Senior Project Officer - Health Literacy (Wed-Thur)
Phone: 0429 159 674

Kath Bennett

Senior Project Officer - Health Literacy (Mon-Wed)
Phone: 0428 361 223